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The Atlantic Festival



The Atlantic


Groundwork Events




Washington, DC

2015 - 2023

Live Events for The Atlantic

The Atlantic Live team reached out to us to handle their flagship event, The Atlantic Festival, in Washington DC. Our mission? Take an already wildly successful event and elevate it to new heights—making it more accessible, safer, and logistically more organized.


Managing multiple venues across the campus, we implemented venue-specific plans to enhance crowd control and flow. With a tenfold increase in event staffing, we ensured seamless execution at every turn. Our interactive and engaging signage not only made navigation easier but also enhanced the overall enjoyment for attendees.


Furthermore, we bolstered the security apparatus both from a human and operational perspective. This included extensive coordination with MPD & EMS, enhanced professional security personnel, and adopting a proactive "red cell" security approach. Additionally, we established protocols for incident reporting, de-escalation, and evacuation, while conducting regular venue and advance team sweeps to ensure comprehensive safety measures.

Role: Executive Producer

Arnold .jpeg


General James Mattis 

Hired, Trained & Managed 250+ Event Staff & Security Personnel

Closing multiple roads in the very bureaucratic yet surprisingly accessible Capital

Photo Credit: The Atlantic


Chief of Staff


Atlantic Stage.png


Full-Scale Production 

Extensive Permitting & City Coordination 

Engage cross-departmental stakeholders to secure support for the proposed process

Event Staffing 

Speaker & Talent Mgmt.

Robust Security Plan & Crowd Mgmt.

Vendor Procurement & Onsite Mgmt. 

Thoughtful Information Dissemination


We worked with Erica and her team on our flagship event, which draws thousands to Washington, DC annually. I was skeptical at first about how much outside support we really needed and whether or not it would make a difference. Erica and her team put those concerns to rest. Erica brings years of LIVE event experience to the table, managing everything from security, venues, contracting and logistics. I could not think more highly of Erica and her team and look forward to the day we can work together again!

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